Final Exam Study Guide for PO206

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  • Available Dec 3, 2018 at 12am - Dec 13, 2018 at 11:59pm 11 days
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None of these will be exactly replicated, verbatim, in the final exam. Rather the 40 final exam questions will be based on the material covered in these questions. No final exam question will have more than three items to choose from (whether it's matching, multiple choice, or drop downs). I guarantee that if you study these questions well, then you'll do well on the final exam. 

You have 120 minutes to take the exam. Most students are done within the first hour.

Ignore the point totals here. They are meaningless. This is an ungraded set of practice questions. You can submit this as many times as you wish. You can answer one, two, three, etc. questions, submit it and start over.

Also, if you submit it with no questions answered, then you'll see all the correct responses, in effect, an answer key. You can print up that answer key and turn it into flash cards. You can use it while you are taking the practice questions. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: You are forbidden to leave the final exam window or have other tabs/windows open while taking the exam. If you do this, then little red circles with x's in them show up. See illustration below. If these marks show up, then you receive a zero for the exam. Keep only one window/tab open, i.e., the final exam tab/window, and never click outside that window. Please shut down all apps (texting, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that have pop-up windows. Pop-up windows will make it look like you left the exam page. These red circled x's do not occur accidentally. It's an anti-cheating tool created by Canvas.